Following opening of Discord North, CHRONOS opened! !
I am glad to hear a bright news to open sim
though economy situation is bad.

The theme of this sim is "cyber"
There is a factory, a place seem to be the base of the armed forces,
an entertainment district, slightly messy downtown and
various places to explore.
It's really cool sim. The people who like games such as Final Fantasy
will surely like it.

And now opening treasure hunt is holding there also!!
the treasures from MeteoRain are clothing set for male & female.
I made a T-shirt and a dress.
My thought turn to Spring even if it is still in the middle winter. Sorry...

As a characteristic of this treasure hunt,
All treasure is limited the number to.
The highest number is 100, but some of the treasures I saw were limited 3!!!
Don't you think that it is very rare?
Please check it out!


Discord North "Zone Of Egoist" Open!

Discord's new sim opened on February 14th!!
This sim is named "Zone Of Egoist" .
It's darker than the former sim.
And there are many buildings, a park, a shrine, restaurants etc.
All most all the buildings are only as for the pretense.
But it has unique atmosphere.
I opened my store on the first floor of such a building.
You can go along a way of the left hand side of the police box.
City streets are really complicated like a maze.
I often lose my way there.
I expect you to come and experience it !!

I prepared cloth set for men and women
as for the gift of the opening.

And now "hair hunt" is holding there!!
there are 4 cool hairs made by Orange
that you should grab!! check out :)

■MeteoRain ZOE(Zone Of Egoist):
※I may change or remove products without any announcement.

Colorful Parka

I released colorful parka!
I think that you can wear this from now until spring :)
You can easily resize the hood with script.

【Item Details】
■Made For: Male
■Permissions:Copy,Modify(hood only)
■Component:Parka(Jacket layer) and sculpted hood

1L$ gift for St.Valentine's Day!

I released 1L$ gift for St.Valentine's Day!
Usually, women give chocolates or some kind of presents
to men on Valentine's Day in Japan.

This costume is made for women who know the humor!
Wrap yourself with a ribbon and
will make it a present for your boyfriend XD

You can buy it here!↓
■V.A.S Main shop:

【Item Details】
■ItemName:*MR-Wrap yourself
■Made For: Female
■Permissions:Copy ,Modify
■Component: Tops(Jacket layer,Underwear layer),
          Bottoms(Underwear layer),Ribbon×2

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