[FREE] Muffler

My partner Vashcool and my best friend Rinka
opened new main stores!!!

I put free mufflers in each store for celebration of the opening.
They are made for female so bit small for men.
but you can modify and stretch them to fit your body.

I also made a new paper bag like this!↓

I put emerald green muffler in V.A.S, pink in Girls style* .
■V.A.S Main shop:
■Girls style* Main shop:
※I may change or remove products without any announcement.

[Camp] Bolero&Shortpants

I had installed ITEM CAMP in MeteoRain V.A.S store!
The prize of it is "Bolero&Shortpants" .
You need to sit down on a chair for 10 minutes to get them.
Please be patient!

V.A.S is actually my partner Vashcool's store.
He makes accessories and poses.
He recently released model pose set for female.
I used 2 poses from them for the poster below.
They are quite good and so cheap :)
1 set(10 pose) cost 25L$. 10L$ per pose!!!

There are also 2 nice brands such as Girl's style and Φne in the store.

Please come and check it out!!

■MeteoRain V.A.S shop:


New arrivals at MeteoRain is Vest!

【Item Details】
■Made For: Male&Female
■Price:60 L$
■Permissions:Copy ,Modify
■Component: Vest,Vest with shirt and sculpted collar


It's still cold in Japan.
I have been slightly feverish since last night and
some of my friends are in bed cause of the flu.
please take care of yourself!!

By the way, I released mufflers.
2 types of mufflers are in the package.
It's Only 30L$!!!
They may be useful for your coordinates.

【Item Details】
■Made For: Male&Female
■Price:30 L$
■Permissions:Copy ,Modify
■Component:Muffler 2types

Military coat

I released new item "Military coat".
I think it could be one of the best quality cloth in my products XD
I made this for men but women can wear it also,
if you can modify prim parts such as caller by yourself.
Though I thought it is pretty hard to modify,
many women have already bought it too.

【Item Details】
■ItemName:*MR-Militally coat
■Made For: Male(Female)
■Permissions:Copy ,Modify(only prim parts)
■Component:Jacket layer×2,sleeves,caller,

Store policy

[ 日本語 ] 




songe Lunaseaまでご連絡ください。その際に購入履歴




[ English ] 

Most of MeteoRain products are no transfer.
You can transfer some products which have
"transfer" sign on the display.
Please, check it before you purchase.

My products are designed based on MeteoRain model shapes.
If you have really big(or really small) shape,
it might not fit to you.

Some products contain risizing script.
Please read attached notecard to make sure how to resize.
Scripts don't run at land where it's not permitted.

When you are in following situations, I support you.
please send me transaction records for your purchase.

・You could't receive products due to SL errors
・You purchased same products twice.
・You lost products

However, I support you only 1 month from you purchase.
because it would be impossible to confirm your records
on Transaction History after 1 month passed.

I will not take resposibilities of what you purchased.
Please, check demo and display carefully before you purchase.

I am not a native English speaker. So if you have questions or
need to contact me, please use plain English please x(

songe Lunasea

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